Ruben Castaneda

Seminary Attending: Saint Joseph Abbey Seminary College
Year : 1st College 
Birthday: May 15
Hometown: Montgomery ,Alabama
Favorite Saint: Padre Pío Pietrecina
Favorite Spiritual Reading: Holy Bible
Hobbies: Guitar, soccer, singing, drawing, new experiences, traveling to historical places.

My name is Ruben Castaneda I am from Tallassee, Alabama at Saint Vincent de Paul Parish. I am originally from Guatemala; I am the second youngest of nine with five sisters and three brothers.

I graduated with honors at Tallassee High School in 2019 where I left my marks there: played soccer, competed in art competitions, participated in the Pro-life club, sang in the choir and served for Spanish Mass. I grew up knowing about God. When I graduated, I worried about what I was going to do with my life. God showed me an answer through retreats, especially the after “Come and See” trip. During my time at St. Joseph I felt peace, and I opened my Bible to Matthew 9: 36-38. The Harvest is plenty, and the workers are few. My Favorite Saint is Padre Pío because he got his grace of God. Also, my favorite spiritual reading is the Holy Bible.

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