Rich Perkins

School: St. Meinrad
Year: 2nd Pre-Theology
Birthday: March 5th
Hometown: Auburn, AL
Favorite saint: St. Joseph
Favorite spiritual reading: Crossing The Threshold Of Hope by St. John Paul II
Hobbies: Movies, cooking, reading. 

My name is Rich Perkins and I am from Auburn, AL. I grew up in Birmingham and Atlanta before moving to Auburn and joining St. Michael Parish. I am the third of four children, and the only boy! I graduated from Auburn University in 1998 with a BA in Political Science, after spending four years in the Navy. I heard the call later in life, in the middle of a professional career, after an encounter with a priest in confession. I am currently in my second year (2nd Pre-Theology) at St. Meinrad School of Theology in southern Indiana. My favorite saint is St. Joseph, true husband to our Holy mother, foster father to our Lord, Jesus Christ, and the patron saint of fathers. My favorite spiritual read is Crossing The Threshold Of Hope by St. John Paul II. It is a very personal conversation with the Holy Father and a book that speaks to me personally about the human condition of suffering.

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