Religious Orders for Men Active in the Archdiocese of Mobile

Active Religious Institutes

This most common and familiar way of living celibacy is an organized and communal living of the three counsels under vows and in non-secular lifestyle. Members give a gospel witness through a visible community life and a corporate apostolate. To prayer, their main concern, they join differing types of ecclesial work. Like members of secular institutes, religious live according to a rule and under the direction of leadership. Unlike the former, they are not hidden in the world both in manner of communal life and in dress.

Cloistered Religious Orders
Enclosed life is the most radical of the communal ways of living the three gospel counsels. These institutes share much in common with active ones. They differ chiefly in that they do not have an external apostolate but rather are oriented wholly to prayer, solitude, and penance. Their work is limited to the care of the monastery and their own needs together with some income-producing activities that can be carried on within the enclosure. Members are assured of the freedom for prayerful solitude by the practice of enclosure, which limits their contacts with persons in the outside world.

Whatever the precise manner of life, an integrated gospel pattern requires the harmonious interweaving of prayer, work, recreation, and rest. In each of the types mentioned, these four elements are mingled in various ways. In all of them, however, prayer is the prime necessity. Why this is so is the subject of our next section. No state of life may contradict the gospel message, and for the revealed word, communing with the Lord God is the overriding necessity of all human existence.

Missionary Servants of the Most Holy Trinity – S.T.

Director of Vocations: Reverend Allen Rodriguez
Contact information is:
Mailing address: 3325 13th street Riverside CA 92501
Email address:
Cell phone: 951-446-8057
WhatsApp: 951-446-8057
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Congregation of the Resurrection (Chicago Province) – C.R.
Provincial Office
3601 N. California Ave.
Chicago, IL 60618-4602
Vocations Director- Fr. Gary Hogan, C.R.
Phone: 314-652-8814


 Congregation of the Mission (Eastern Province) – C.M.
    Reverend Bruce J. Krause, C.M.
     1000 Fourth Avenue
     Opelika, AL 36801

Jesuits USA Central and Southern Province

4511 W. Pine Blvd.
St. Louis, MO 63108-2191

Vocations Director – Reverend Randall Gibbens, S.J.

For information about vocations,
please visit Become a Jesuit or send an email.

Society of St. Joseph of the Sacred Heart – S.S.J.

Contact the Josephite Vocation Ministry Office:

Phone: (202) 832-9100


Mail: 1200 Varnum Street NE Washington, DC 20017

Society of St. Edmund – S.S.E.

Vocation Director:

Father Lino Oropeza, SSE
1 Winooski Park, Box 272, Colchester, VT 05439
Phone: (802) 654-2386 

Brothers of the Sacred Heart – S.C

Province of the United States

Vocation Contact:  Brother Ronald Hingle, S.C.
Office:  504-913-0005
Cell:  504-913-0005

Province Website:
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