Noah Klusek

School: Saint John Vianney College Seminary 
Year: Second Philosophy 
Birthday: June 19
Hometown: Wetumpka, AL
Favorite Saint: St. Raymond Nonnatus 
Favorite Spiritual Reading: With God In Russia” -Fr. Walter Ciszek
Hobbies: Driving/Working on Cars, Writing, Hiking

My name is Noah Klusek.  I am entering my second year of college seminary at Saint John Vianney.  My home parish is St. Bede the Venerable in Montgomery.  I’m the youngest in my family, and my only sibling is my older brother.  I enjoy writing and working on my Subaru WRX. I come from a military family and moved around until 2013 when I moved to Wetumpka.  I have attended public and Catholic schools, but was homeschooled for high school and graduated in 2019.  I felt a slow and quiet call to enter the seminary since middle school, finally joining last year after high school.  I look forward to seeing the future God has planned for me.


Thinking about Seminary? Here's what Noah would say.