Joseph Schultz

School: St. Meinrad Seminary
Year: 1st Theology
Birthday: June 17th
Hometown: Auburn, AL
Favorite Saint: Joan of Arc
Favorite Spiritual ReadingSearching for and Maintaining Peace
Hobbies: Spending time with friends, meandering, cooking, programming, reading, trying new things.

I’m Joseph Schultz, native of Auburn and member of St. Michael Parish. This year I’ll be entering I Theology at St. Meinrad in Indiana. I graduated from Auburn University in 2017 and afterwards was a missionary for a year with FOCUS at Georgia Tech before discerning the call to leave for the seminary. The recognition of the gift and reality of the fatherhood of priests in my life is what got me to take the call seriously. My favorite Saint right now is Saint Joan of Arc. You’ll probably find me with friends, cooking, programming, reading, and/or drinking coffee.

Thinking about Seminary? Here's what Joseph would say.