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Native Soil...
is a new project of the Office of Vocations in collaboration with 4PM Media. It seeks to build the wider “culture of vocations” in the Archdiocese of Mobile by asking everyone to consider how God is calling them to renew our Native Soil.

Vocations Team

Archbishop Thomas J. Rodi
Archbishop of Mobile

Father Victor Ingalls
Vocations Director

Monsignor William J. Skoneki
Vicar General

Called: to be a Priest in the Archdiocese of Mobile

Msgr. Michael Farmer: History and the Makeup of the Archdiocese

Fr. Manuel Williams, C.R.: African-American Ministries

Fr. Alex Valladares: What is a priest?

Fr. Phillip McKenna: Our Need for God

Fr. Paul Zoghby: Parish Life and Hispanic Ministry

Fr. Cu Mingh Duong: Journey to Priesthood + Diversity

Fr. Chris Boutin: Becoming a Priest

Fr. Fred Boni: Starting a Soup Kitchen

10 Ways to Discern a Call to the Priesthood

    1. Pray and Listen asking the Lord daily to show you his will.
    2. Pray the Rosary asking for the intercession of Mary, Mother of priests.
    3. Pray a Holy Hour before the Blessed Sacrament regularly.
    4. Attend Mass frequently (daily if possible) and receive Communion.
    5. Go to Confession on a consistent basis.
    6. Read Scripture and meditate on God’s word.
    7. Talk to a priest you find approachable and ask for spiritual advice.
    8. Contact the Vocation Director at
    9. Talk to seminarians when they come home for the holidays.
    10. Become involved in your parish


If God is calling you to be a priest, trust that you will be happy and fulfilled following his perfect will.

God will never send you where his grace cannot sustain you!

The Priestly Plan of Formation

  • Men who attend seminary receive the best education the Church has to offer. The official Priestly Plan of Formation focuses on four major areas of development to help the seminarian become a well-rounded man capable of leading the Church to a deeper relationship with God.

  • Human formation: forming the future priests’ personality to be a bridge to Christ; ensuring healthy psycho-sexual development and a mature integrity.

  • Spiritual formation: developing a deep and mature relationship with Christ through prayer and virtuous living.

  • Intellectual formation: understanding the truths of the Faith and cultivating the skills to teach the Faith to others.

  • Pastoral formation: learning how to be a “shepherd of souls,” helping parishioners through the joys and trials of life.


Signs of a Priestly Vocation

  • Men who love the Church, her people, and want to be a part of the Church and serve her people. This is counter cultural as we increasingly do not wish to be part of something bigger than ourselves.
  • Men who wish to give their life as a gift to God and the Church. This is what the sign of celibacy is saying, namely, that I wish to totally make a gift of my life for the Kingdom of God. Again, counter cultural.
  • Men who will teach the truth of Jesus Christ with courage and conviction in our ever secular world in which relativism is so pervasive. Again, counter cultural.
  • Men who will help the people of the Church use their God given talents to build up the Kingdom of God. The Second Vatican Council taught that all the baptized are commissioned by the Lord to do His work and the priest needs to invite and challenge all to be involved in God’s work.
  • Men who deeply love the Lord and want to grow in their relationship with Him.

What is God Calling You to Do?