Give it All

Easter-Sunday-Jesus-Christ-1Easter is a season of renewal and joy. The flowers are blooming, babies are born, and the weather is always perfect. Christ is alive and with us and we encounter him through nature, life, and our interactions with others. Christ is longing to be involved in our lives, but do we let him in? This is a serious question to consider during this season of joy and I hope that we all strive to come to know our savior on a deeper and more personal level. In the book of Joel (2:12), the prophet tells us to “return to the Lord with your whole heart”. This has been on my mind recently as I delve deeper into seminary formation and closer to priesthood. Getting to know Christ is not just for priests, monks, and nuns. It is for all! If Christ, our savior, died and rose in order to save and redeem mankind, then why would we not want to give him our whole self. Faith cannot be an aside. St. Claire of Assisi says to “love Him totally who gave Himself totally for your love.” God wants everything about us, the good and the bad, to glorify him and love him. We have to fill ourselves up with the love of Christ and let this love overflow into all the other parts of our life. During this Easter season, let us strive to give our whole self to Christ and by doing this, become authentic witnesses to the love that Christ gives to us.

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